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Montag, 16. Mai 2011

The (old) Drupal website passed away

Those who visited yesterday our website Home Base , were perhaps a little disturbed, that everything was suddenly so different than before. With great expectations - after seven years of a home made Website (2000 - 2007) we unlocked in October 2007 a new based on the Open Source CMS Drupal . But meanwhile...

... information, communication and interaction in the Web takes no longer place on companies website, but via blogs, Twitter, networks and other public places in the social web. And so over time, we as operator of the website, have shamefully neglected home base.

If you visit our new home base, you are on a website, created and based on the Blogger CMS. As this was not planned in advance we will need a few weeks to make again all the resources available, hope for your understanding.

German | English

One downside we could not avoid this solution. Separate bilingual German / English cannot be realized here with reasonable effort. But since translation tool for so many are a standard in their browser, we hope our friends in the English-speaking world will accept. For all others it will probably be quite indifferent to whether they translate the texts in German or English into their own language.

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